Zero-Max’s New Website Provides Web-To-CAD Design Solutions

Select, configure and view the exact Zero-Max coupling, torque limiter, variable speed mechanical drive, overhung load adaptor and shaft locking bushing from

ZeroMThis newly launched Zero-Max website gives designers the exact 2D and 3D CAD drawing of the product they need that are “designed in” and ready for purchase. Site users will have access to the Zero-Max CAD drawings that they have been using in 3D PartStream as well as the new Catalog Data Solutions (CDS) CAD model viewer solution. Primary product lines are described by application with product pictures, drawings and specifications.

Extremely user friendly to navigate, the system designer simply enters the product type. The search will provide varying degrees of performance criteria, sizes, bore configurations, torque, etc. Each selection made by the designer will shorten and narrow the list. Once the exact model, size and configuration is shown, it is viewable in 3D motion from all angles. Then it can be downloaded for importing into the designer’s drawing.

The site provides the design engineer with everything needed to evaluate and complete a product design solution ready for purchase. Quick tabs to products or industry applications provide the user with intuitive navigation options. Also included are quick links to “Print Page” or “Download PDF of this Page”. Complete product specifications in easy to read charts plus enhanced assembly instructions also make the site a pleasure to visit.

In addition to configurable 3D CAD downloads for each Zero-Max product, the new site features include:

  • Helpful system design tips and how-to-select information including mathematical formulas for quantifying performance data.
  • Industry specific product application case histories.
  • Where-to-buy information through strategic product distribution points located worldwide.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer, Zero-Max provides over 60 years experience solving motion control problems. The company is responsive by providing practical advice and predictable high quality products substantiated in this new website.

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