Updated Short Circuit Current Ratings for ABB Combination Motor Controller Components Now Available

ABB’s recent launch of Tmax XT molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB) and AF contactors led to retesting its UL Listed combination motor controller products and an updating of their files, including short circuit current ratings (SCCR).

The updated SCCRs of ABB motor control components used in industrial control panels are now available from UL, the global, independent safety science company. The UL data enable panel manufacturers that use discrete components to assemble combination motor controllers to determine a combination SCCR to help protect the people who work on or around power equipment.

The UL data are available for download on the UL website at http://industries.ul.com/industrial-systems-and-components/industrial-control-products-and-systems/short-circuit-current-ratings-for-combination-motor-controller-components.

ABB manufactures a range of components, including circuit breakers, motor controllers, overload relays, fuses and fuse disconnect switches, used in the assembly of industrial control panels. To be compliant with National Electric Code (NEC) NFPA 70, Article 409, industrial control panels must be marked with the SCCR. NEC specifies UL 508A, Supplement SB (Standard for Industrial Control Panels) to provide an accepted method for determining the control panel’s SCCR.

“UL has put all the information that manufacturers need to calculate an accurate SCCR in one place,” said Chris Lovell, sales and marketing unit North America, Electrification Products, ABB Inc. “Providing this information makes it easier for industrial control panel assemblers to comply with the appropriate UL and NEC standards, while providing the true SCCR for their panels.”


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