More Than Hot Air: CURRAX Fan Drive Provides For A Fresh Breeze

Siemens-FLENDER-N-ARPEXAir treatment systems guarantee air distribution and regulation in buildings and industrial facilities, and require special drive products. As part of its Integrated Drive Systems, CURRAX has now developed a drive chain that optimally satisfies the demands on fans and separators, and aligns the components with each other perfectly. It integrates the newly remodeled Siemens FLENDER N-ARPEX coupling and the innovative SIMOTICS reluctance motor on the SINAMICS frequency converter.

The torsionally rigid N-ARPEX all-steel lamella coupling is demonstrated in a new design and with optimized performance data. The remodeled lamella package and an innovative component design enable the transfer of higher torques and speeds while also permitting an increased drilling capacity using standard hubs. The couplings are backlash-free and feature both a very compact structure and a low power-to-weight ratio. It is suitable for particularly high and very low temperatures down to -50°C. The compensation range can be implemented in axial, angular and radial directions. The lamella couplings are made of rust-free spring steel and do not undergo wear and tear, making them maintenance-free.

SIMOTICS reluctance motors have a higher efficiency level in the nominal point than comparable efficiency-class IE4 asynchronous motors. Additionally, the significantly reduced losses compared to asynchronous motors become apparent in the partial-load range. Synchronous reluctance motors have an up to 50 percent lower internal moment of inertia than highly-efficient asynchronous motors. This enables a higher acceleration in the fixed-cycle operation, faster clocking and ultimately higher productivity.

The SIMOTICS reluctance motors are aligned with the SINAMICS frequency inverter family from Siemens. For example, the SINAMICS S120 model is the modular drive for High Performance Motion Control applications and includes a web server integrated into the firmware for efficient diagnosis and maintenance potential. The converter’s outstanding features include numerous technological functions, for example Epos, DCC, DCB, and wide-ranging safety functions such as safe shut-down and movement or position monitoring.

Daniel Aßmann, acting partner and joint manager of CURRAX said, “We monitor the entire drive chain and consistently pursue our ambition for Integrated Drive Systems. This concept pays off in fans and separators especially, as the selection of drive variants and the regulation has a major influence on the energy efficiency of the whole system. For retrofit projects as well as redesigns, the integrated drive solutions are the key to noticeably increased energy efficiency and thus to lower operating costs.”

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