Overhung Load Adaptor DesignFeatures Heavier Duty Bearings, Stronger Shafts and Longer Profile

zeromaxThe Zero-Max Model 650 Overhung Load Adaptor features heavier duty bearings, stronger shafts and longer profile. Designed to provide more radial and axial load support for hydraulic motors and pumps, this new Model 650 meets the more robust requirements of today’s motor applications.

The SAE B Model 650 is in the middle of the Zero-Max OHLA sizes ranging from the smallest 200 SAE “A” mount model to the largest 1500 SAE “F” mount model. The  650 model features an extra heavy duty cast iron housing, 130,000 PSI stress-proof steel shaft and heavy duty Spherical Roller Bearings. Designed for either face or foot mounting applications, this new 650 model handles speeds up to 3,500 RPM.

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, this new model OHLA provides a solid, permanent mounting surface. It eliminates premature motor or pump failure due to axial and radial overhung loads on a motor or pump shaft.

OHLA’s protect the shaft seal of the motor.  This can greatly improve the operational life of the motor in harsh environment applications. OHLA applications include pump drives, forestry shredders, recycling systems, fan drive for heat exchanges, conveyor drives, off road construction machinery, and similar heavy duty applications.

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