Parker Adds Ethernet Based Peer-to-Peer Communication Option to Its AC890 Variable Speed Drive Series

AC890 LINKnet toasterThe Electromechanical and Drives Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. has expanded LINKnet capability to the AC890 series of variable speed drives. LINKnet is an Ethernet based version of the SSD LINK system that has been successfully used in coordinated drive systems for more than 25 years. LINKnet is a peer-to-peer network designed to integrate AC and DC drives with remote I/O at high speed, with or without a supervisory PLC. High speed network communication allows precise and repeatable control for complex machines and process lines.

The LINKnet option card is suitable for use with the 890CD Common Bus Drive, the 890SD Standalone Drive, and the 890PX Cabinet Built Drive. LINKnet option cards are connected by commercially available CAT-6 shielded Ethernet cable creating a reliable network with high noise immunity. The 890xx Drive must have firmware version 3.13+ installed. The drive can be flashed to the latest firmware version by using Parker Drive System Explorer (DSE) Software.

Parker has qualified third party remote fieldbus I/O modules for use in LINKnet systems. This provides users with an assortment of standard modules to choose from. Digital, analog and specialty modules may be combined, up to 64 I/O modules per remote coupler. These modules will be recognized and supported by Parkerís DSE software. The latest update of DSE supporting LINKnet is available for download on the software download page of the website.

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