New Industrial SR Motor Control System

Striatech2Striatech has developed a 1.75 hp (1.3 Kw) switched reluctance (SR) motor and dedicated control combination for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.  The cost-effective SR motor has no magnets with a programmable control algorithm that allows the user to optimize the SR motor performance for many applications.

Peak motor torque ranges from 21.9 Nm (193 lb-in) at 600 rpm to 16.8 Nm (149 lb-in) at 3,000 rpm.  Motor frame size reaches almost 8 inches in diameter with an axial length of 9.27 inches. Smaller SR models can reach shaft speeds approaching 100,000 rpm.

The control processes real time monitoring of rotor shaft position.  It constantly adjusts motor current to save up to 50 percent input power.  The control uses a USB computer interface.

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