New 12mm Micro Slotless Brushless PM Motor

12 mm brushless coreless motor 3-7CI Kasei of Tokyo, Japan has announced a new family of 12 mm OD Micro Slotless Brushless Permanent Magnet (PM) Motors used in a wide range of applications including battery operated hand held power tools, miniature compressors, micropumps and small robots. This four-member motor family as micro sized slotless brushless PM with integrated speed control electronics provides stall or peak torque values ranging from 0.88 mNm (0.125 oz-in) up to 1.14 mNm (0.161 oz-in).  The shorter C12C-XI-S and C12C-X2-S models use sleeve bearings and operate at 6,480 rpm and 7,920 rpm respectively.

The ball bearing models, C12C-X2-S-B and C12C-X2-S are used in applications that handle heavier application mechanical loads.  All CI Kasei models have very low current consumption (below 25 ma).  The speed constant varies from 2.14 to 2.16 Krpm/volt for the C12C-XI models the 2.60 the 2.64 Krpm/volt for the C12C-X2 models.  All 4 slotless brushless PM motors are energized at a very low output of 3 volts DC.

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