High Torque Density Motor

ThinGap has developed the first member of a new motor family of very high performance and extremely high peak torque density brushless PM motors reaching over 20 Nm/Kg. The frameless LSI 105 torque motor model is 105mm OD (4.125 inches) 25.4mm (1.0 inch) long. Continuous torque reaches over 2Nm (283 oz-in) in typical applications.

ThinGap PictureThe ThinGap LS torque motor’s family of zero cogging performance is embedded  in a simple frameless configuration. It is combined with very large ID through-bores that allow easy assembly into OEM motion products. The LSI 105 torque motor exhibits very low torque ripple (less than -1 percent) and zero cogging. The efficient potted winding and thermally conductive structure offers superior heat transfer in enclosed places and  works very well with active cooling systems such as cooling loops or oil filled assemblies. Applications range from peak high torque servo and propulsion systems to lightweight, precision-tracking such as beam steering and LIDAR.

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