ABB’s General Purpose Motors Combine Quality, Cost-Efficiency and Industry Experience

ABB general purpose motors_NXR_NMK_NMI-webABB has launched its N-series general purpose motors to provide a high level of energy efficiency, reliability and safety in applications where a highly customized motor is not needed. Based on ABB’s broad experience of different industries and applications, the motors use cost-effective pre-packaged designs to meet the same high quality standards as all ABB motors but with lead times that are several weeks shorter.

“With our N-series we are offering ‘ABB experience off the shelf’ to customers who need general purpose motors in the 50 to 8,000 kW power range,” said Johan Karlsson, Strategic Sales and Marketing Manager for ABB’s large motors. “Pre-engineered platforms and pre-packaged designs help to keep costs and delivery times down, and we provide online tools to fast-track the order-to-delivery process.”

An easy-to-use online tool called “MachSize” -a selection tool for qualified customers and partners – simplifies the task of motor configuration. Another tool called “DocStage” is a web-based system for sharing and managing documentation. By giving customers direct access to documentation and 3D drawings for their motors, DocStage enables them to download all the documentation they need.

N-series motors currently include three product families: the well-proven high voltage rib cooled and modular induction motors, and a new range of slip-ring motors. Even in their basic configuration the N-series motors satisfy most common requirements in many industries. To address specific needs, qualified customers and partners can use the MachSize tool to select a number of pre-engineered option packages. These include vertically mounted motors fitted with thrust bearings, for example, which are widely used in pumping applications. The pre-engineered N-series complements ABB’s A-series of engineered motors, which are highly customized, fine-tuned to the customer’s precise needs, and offer a high degree of engineering flexibility.

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