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The Motors & Drives directory is an authoritative annual desktop reference guide for technical and management professionals involved in developing and applying today’s cutting edge motor & drives technologies.

This directory is a comprehensive, industry-wide listing of motor & drive manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and distributors. Each company is coded with the market they serve to provide a useful resource guide.

The Motors & Drives Industry Directory contains important market and vendor information organized in a way to make it a valuable reference tool. Click on the link below to order your directory.

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We offer the Motors & Drives Industry Directory in three formats:

Database (Excel)

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Data will come to you in MS Excel Spreadsheet format with the ability to view, sort, search, and download.Generate mailing lists or use as a telemarketing tool with this easy-to-use database.

Hard Copy



Printed directory organized in an easy-to-read format.Great desktop reference.


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Same data as hard copy except comes in a handy electronic PDF version.Stored and viewed on your computer.

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