Guest Blogs

IoT – Considerations for Drives

Mark Lewis, VP – Marketing & Sales
Dart Controls, Inc.

I have had the privilege to work for a drive manufacturer, an IT system integrator and process control suppliers and integrators in my career.  I’ve seen a lot over the years – my goal for the presentation is to share how I see the application of Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 principles as they apply to motor speed controls (drives).  The presentation takes a practical view of what makes sense for a manufacturer and user of drives for the next three to five years. Continue reading

$2.50 Gas and Electric Energy Efficiency

Gary Box, Digital Power Engineering

As we all know, oil prices hit a pothole in 2014. We also all know they aren’t going to stay there. But oil isn’t a driving factor in domestic electricity use, electric motors are. Recently the IEEE published an article about the long term trend in US electric demand. The IEEE notes that electricity demand has been flat since 2007. Part of the thanks goes to efficiency efforts that have been going on since 1994. Continue reading

Some Trends in the Chinese Market for Industrial Robots

Jay Tang, IHS Research

It was an important year in 2013 for industrial robots in the Chinese industry. Although industrial robots have existed in China for many years, it was the first time that the government,  capital market and machine manufacturers collectively paid them much attention. Continue reading

Think Your Project Can‘t Afford A BLDC Motor? Think Again!

Michael Bloom, President

According to conventional wisdom, brushless DC (BLDC) motors offer many advantages over conventional brush motors but they’re much more expensive.  In fact, advances in BLDC design and manufacturing make brushless motors competitive with high-grade brush motors. Continue reading

Optimizing Performance of BLDC Drive Motors Through Customization

Chandan Singh, VP Development
PM Generators Ltd.

Once the mechanical requirements of a vehicle are determined, the BLDCs must be thought of as unique drive motors for each particular machine. Too often, OEMs attempt to place ready made solutions into designs which have different performance needs. Determining torque and rpm requirements is the first stage of setting initial parameters of the BLDC design in motion. Continue reading

What if …?

Gary Box, Digital Power Engineering

Once again, kudos to the staff at Webcom for another great Motor and Drives Conference last month in Orlando. It was great to see the innovations and take stock of where the industry is heading. As always, a highlight for me is the annual market snapshot and insights of the staff at IHS. Another is meeting old friends and making new ones. Continue reading

Scotty…I Need More Power

Gary Box, Digital Power Engineering

If you are a geek like me and are ever in Detroit, don’t miss the automakers’ museums. The sheer size of the Ford museum is astounding. It even includes a working late 19th century factory, complete with steam engine, overhead shafts and belt and pulley drives to the machine tools. Continue reading