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PC-Based Control Enables Cloud-Connected Motion Systems

Matt Prellwitz, Drive Technology Application Specialist Beckhoff Automation

Literally and figuratively, data is all around us all the time. A never ending flow of information is continuously sent in all directions via wired and wireless connections, from e-mails, to notifications and text messages, streaming music, online videos and more. This vast collection of data moves, via the cloud, to computers, mobile devices and an increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices nearly instantaneously. Similarly, connected devices found in industrial operations create data at an increasingly exorbitant rate, and motion control systems and devices certainly create a large amount of this data. This information can include production data and throughput figures, temperature and energy measurements, operating efficiency and more. Major manufacturers and machine builders hope to better integrate cloud connectivity and IoT solutions into their operations in order to make best use of resources, while working toward continuous improvement initiatives at their company. MORE

Pairing Gearheads with Servo Motors

Jeff Nazzaro, Parker Automation

Machine designers are increasingly turning to gearheads to take advantage of the latest advances in servo motor technology. Essentially, a gearhead converts high-speed, low-torque energy into low-speed, high-torque output. A servo motor provides highly accurate positioning of its output shaft. When these two devices are paired with one another, they enhance each others strengths, providing controlled motion that is precise, robust, and reliable. MORE

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