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Rotor Retention and Loss-Reduction for High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor Generators

A.T. Andonian and Co. Huynh, Calnetix Technologies

Electromechanical systems with permanent magnet rotors can operate as motors to convert electrical power into mechanical movement or as generators to convert mechanical movement into electrical power. High speed motors/generators are commonly used in different systems such as expanders in Organic Rankin Cycle waste heat recovery systems, flywheel-based energy storage systems, and electric turbo-charging and supercharging systems for marine engines and high performance vehicles. Design details of these systems are beyond the scope of this paper. The focus will be placed on the high-speed rotor which is a critical part of many integrated motor generator systems. MORE

The Importance of Thermal Protection for Torque Motors

Brian Zlotorzycki, HEIDENHAIN Product Specialist, ETEL Motors

When talking about high-end machining or manufacturing applications dealing with direct drive technology, one of the biggest key advantages of going with this particular transmission method is its endurance.† Because of the nature of direct drive motors, they are able to operate at peak performance levels indefinitely without any kind of wear or aging as long as the motor isnít pushed past its capacity.† Unfortunately, because this isnít a perfect world, unexpected things can happen which can cause the motor to overheat.† Whether it is through a parameter being input incorrectly or an unexpected external force causing more resistance than expected, it is important to have certain forms of thermal protections put into place.† Since torque motors are built in a way where they cannot be repaired and keep their efficiency at the same time, it is vital to prevent any overheating so that buying a new one wonít be necessary. MORE

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