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Improved Higher Accuracy Step Motor Family

Dan Jones • Incremotion Associates, Inc.

Stepping motors are used in hundreds of position based applications.  The new CVK 5 phase hybrid step motor above all other motor types  produce the most accurate position motor performance for a wide range of applications including industrial, medical, scientific, semiconductor and robotics not using feedback devices.  Both the CVK 0.72 degree/step motor and the  0.36°/step motor have significantly improved the step accuracy over previous step motor models.  The combination of the new 5 phase step motor and drive package furnishes the user with the most accurate step motor with the lowest vibrations and audible noise. MORE

New High Performance Step Motor and Drive

Dan Jones, President, Incremotion Associates, Inc.

New Market Needs
Stepping motors are used in hundreds of position based applications that need more torque with each new generation.  While the 2 phase 1.8°/step hybrid step motor was invented in the early 1960′s, it has undergone a number of performance improvements that have more than tripled the step motor torque within the same motor volume (torque density).  MORE

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