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Pairing Gearheads with Servo Motors

Jeff Nazzaro, Parker Automation

Machine designers are increasingly turning to gearheads to take advantage of the latest advances in servo motor technology. Essentially, a gearhead converts high-speed, low-torque energy into low-speed, high-torque output. A servo motor provides highly accurate positioning of its output shaft. When these two devices are paired with one another, they enhance each otherís strengths, providing controlled motion that is precise, robust, and reliable. MORE

Low Weight – High Torque Motors for Commercial Drones

Lowell Christensen,† Consultant ē Lowell Christensen LLC

We have heard of the desire to make home deliveries using commercial drones. There are several logistic issues with drone deliveries. These issues will soon be overcome and commercial delivery drones will be a fast growing application. This will require changes in motor design to meet the requirement for high torque in a low weight motor. MORE

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