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Opportunities and Limitations of Industrial Internet of Things for Small Motor Drives

Mark Lewis, VP Sales & Marketing • Dart Controls, Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is generating a lot of buzz.  Basically, the IoT concept is to add ‘smarts’ to a device for the purpose of getting it connected to the internet.  Once connected the benefit is the ability to monitor or control it.  The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a more specific application of the concept, most often thought of in a factory setting.  Factory automation has been advancing for decades, dramatically in recent years.  IIoT is enabled by adding sensors generously throughout a facility to directly measure and communicate information that may previously have been estimated, calculated, or not measured at all.  The goal of course is to do (whatever it is) better, faster, and more efficiently. MORE

PC-Based Control Enables Cloud-Connected Motion Systems

Matt Prellwitz, Drive Technology Application Specialist • Beckhoff Automation

Literally and figuratively, data is all around us all the time. A never ending flow of information is continuously sent in all directions via wired and wireless connections, from e-mails, to notifications and text messages, streaming music, online videos and more. This vast collection of data moves, via the cloud, to computers, mobile devices and an increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices nearly instantaneously. Similarly, connected devices found in industrial operations create data at an increasingly exorbitant rate, and motion control systems and devices certainly create a large amount of this data. This information can include production data and throughput figures, temperature and energy measurements, operating efficiency and more. Major manufacturers and machine builders hope to better integrate cloud connectivity and IoT solutions into their operations in order to make best use of resources, while working toward continuous improvement initiatives at their company. MORE

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